Dimplex 3-Step


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Artikelnummer: HM-2208


impressive fire image of the DImplex 3-step

The Dimplex 3-Step is a special electric fireplace from the Dimplex brand  . The Opti-Myst technology together with the lifelike wood set and the halogen lamps provide an impressive fire image and thanks to the three-sided glass this fire image can be admired from three sides! The  electric fireplace  can also be built in as a double-sided fireplace or as a front fireplace, making it easy to assemble according to your own wishes.

Heat element

The fireplace has a heating element. This can be set to 750 watts and 1500 watts. This means that when you have the fire with a heating element on, it costs a little more than 50 cents in energy costs.


The Dimplex 3-step has a built-in width of 73 centimeters, a height of 74.6 centimeters and the fireplace is only 35 centimeters deep. The window has a width of 72 centimeters and a height of 39 centimeters. The side windows have a width of 27 centimeters and of course also a height of 39 centimeters. This gives you a broad view of the dancing ‘flames’.

Supplied as standard

The Dimplex 3-step comes standard with:

  • 3-step Opti Myst fireplace
  • Remote control + batteries
  • 3 glass plates
  • lamps
  • Wood set
  • Power cable 1.5 meter
  • instructions